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Hi There!

I have had fibromyalgia since before it had a name.So, yes, I've been called crazy more than once.

I'm not a professional, but I do know a lot about the disease; what it will do to you and what it will not do.

Fibromyalgia will not kill you - a very important fact to always remember. There are times that you might just wish it would kill you and get it over with. However, remembering it will NOT kill you helps more than I can express.

I wrote a novel and was sure I qualified as a novelist. I was wrong. I am a "potential novelist" as my recent publisher said. So I hope by writing here I will be able to hone my skills.

My life has turned around so many times I sometimes get dizzy trying to catch up with where I am. I suppose you might check into my hubs to find out. That's what I have to do!! (Just Kidding)

I have several children, and even more grandchildren. Life is an awesome trip. I am grateful every day to be able to take it.

Thank you so much for reading my hubs. I promise, there are tons more to come.

Staying positive is not an idea, it is a way of life!

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      • Fibromyalgia is My "Thing" #3 (Loyalty)

        Fibromyalgia is My "Thing" #3 (Loyalty)

        6 years ago

        It's helpful for me, at least, to know how my life stacked up before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I want to share so you might see yourself, or siblings or anyone you know with this disease on a parallel level.I...