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Hi everyone! My name is Jorge. I'm a writer, a registerd nurse, and a self-proclaimed plumber. I'm new here on Squidoo and looking forward to sharing and learning lots of ideas from this community. My hobbies include watching movies, playing video games, (Nintendo fan here!) and traveling. I have a passion of learning and acquiring new skills. I always feel the urge to satisfy my need to become better at my profession and in what I do because I believe there is always a room for improvement. I also think I have a good sense of humor. I tell the best of jokes to myself all time. I love my family and girlfriend the most. I am proud to be a member of a loving and supportive family. Most of the time, we encounter a few huge problems and go through tough times but nothing we can't handle together.

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    Antisocial Anime Characters

    6 months ago

    "I work alone." is one of the most common lines you hear from distinct anime characters. There is always that one character in most if not all anime that doesn't quite fit in a group. They would rather do things on...