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Poetry is a symbolic way to show your deepest passion and emotions. As you express your true self rather it reflects real life or even a dream life. Either way you are expressing something within you that no one can take away. With that said poetry is me! I am poetry, I constantly recite whether it's out loud or to myself. To me poetry it NOT just another hobby but a gift like no other. I write to release and express. Also drawing is a talent I possess. It too is another way of expression. My dream job is to become a Graphic Designer. To me graphic design is a way to combine both poetry and drawing. Anything that has to do with graphic design is expressed in many different ways. As you read my poetry I will reveal pieces of me. Pieces of me I've never shared before. Some are old and some are new. I hope you enjoy and share!

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  • Are You Here?

    Are You Here?

    11 months ago

    An expression of my mind and physical being going through turmoil. You must take a journey so you may feel as if it were you.