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Hello! I am Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson the very proud owner of the 'Writers and Poetry Alliance'

When I began writing poetry many years ago, I became a member of an international poetry website fondly known as "The old Blue" to its members. It was a joy to belong to this site, it helped me make friends and encouraged me to share my work with similar minded people from around the globe and though no longer operating this was my inspiration for creating the Writers Alliance website, which I hope will emulate the joy given to me by Old Blue for other poets looking for a forum (which cares about the love of poetry and not inflating ego).

Through the dedication of my Co-Director - Poet / Artist John W. Henson (who along with myself, keeps a careful eye on the site administration) and the great support from the admin team Christina R Jussaume-Style Tutor; Joseph S. Spence- Prayer Chaplain; Erich J. Goller - P.F.P.Challenge Master; Dee Dawn & Michael L Schuh Welcoming Officers the site is becoming all that I wish it to be.... An everlasting home for poets.

As owner of A.P.F.Publisher I delight in helping writers to produce their own lasting legacy by putting their work into a published book. If anyone is wanting to achieve that particular dream then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

One of the benefits of joining the Writer’s Alliance is that you can share your work in complete safety with other poets and writers away from the general publics eye until you are ready to see it generally released or published.

All members of the alliance are spiritually loving and caring and review each others work with generous encouragement jealousy or prejudice in never tolerated in any form. We openly embrace all new comers.. Be they well known, established in their field or a complete novice in the poetry game...

'Welcome' is our trumpeting call...

The Benefits Are...

1. You have a great feeling of being at home cared for by loving like minded friends whose only wish is to see your literary ambitions grow

2. Post your work on a safe site so it can be reviewed by others that care and truly understand your feelings of expression as they see the imagery you hope to portray. Thus you are sure to get the help that an extra pair eyes can so very often give...helping you reach perfection...

3. By reading and reviewing others too you will find that your own confidence in becoming a good reviewer giving fair critiques grows...and by reading others you very often find that their words have inspired you to write in the same style or on same theme or topic..

4. Alliance means group ... a group of friends making more and more friends as we expand, from the whole world-wide thus expand knowledge and true understanding of how others, how they live and think...

5. There are achievements to be gained, style competitions to inspire you and a team that will ever support and inspire you to grow, create and be happy ...

6. Seeing you become published is also very important to us… that's why we create many chances for a free book publishing contract to be won…and when we do realease a new book for a previously unpublished writer we all rejoice along with them...


So come one, Come All!

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