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Pollyanna Jones profile image

Pollyanna Jones

Joined 4 years ago from United Kingdom. Last activity 29 hours ago.




Also follow me on:

I enjoy researching and writing about history, folklore, and customs of Britain, Ireland, Western Europe, and Scandinavia.

Published works include Legends & Folklore of London (2018) and a contributing chapter in Magical Folk: British and Irish Fairies: 500 AD to the Present (2017).

I also write for Celtic Guide, Spooky Isles, and dabble in the dark art of fiction.

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    • Vanished Article

      Vanished Article

      30 hours ago

      Hi there, my article, "An Interview with a Morris Dancer" has disappeared from my profile and also web searches. I can still see it when I look at anold Facebook post and get into the article on HubPages, and is seems fine. It has just disappeared on here though and I can't see it to...

    • I got Published!

      I got Published!

      5 weeks ago

      So, after a few years of chipping away with blogs, websites, and HubPages, I finally have got something in print that is not self-published. I haven't been so active on HubPages of late, so I am sorry for not sharing the news before now.After making connections through my articles which I share...

    • Any advice about Amazon Capsules?

      Any advice about Amazon Capsules?

      11 months ago

      I've started writing more articles here after not being so active for a year or so. One of the reasons I was discouraged from putting time into HubPages was the removal of Amazon capsules. This had a hugely detrimental effect on my earnings, which plummeted around 80% since they were systematically...

    • Getting Logged out on Letterpile site

      Getting Logged out on Letterpile site

      2 years ago

      Hello,When I visit HubPages, I log in as normal and can see my account and notifications all perfectly well. However, I've had a comment posted on an article of mine that has been sent to Letterpile. When I go to this Hub, I get logged out of HubPages so I don't have the ability to reply to the...

    • Snipping Amazon Modules

      Snipping Amazon Modules

      23 months ago

      Can anyone help with this one?I've had notifications of a few of my hubs that have "snipped" with a message explaining that this has been done by a moderator so that my article could be moved to one of the new niche sites.Now all of these snips have been for Amazon modules. I've not been...

    • Trouble with my Hub Profile Background

      Trouble with my Hub Profile Background

      2 years ago

      Good evening all!I've been trying to update my profile page with a new look. However, all the photographs that I have been uploading look terrible. When I view my profile page after editing the background picture, it zooms in on a small portion of the photo, so I just end up with a blurry mess. Can...

    • I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

      I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

      2 years ago

      2015 has been my first full year on HubPages, since joining in late 2014. As a newbie, I didn't really know what I was doing, and you all helped me find my feet. A friendly and supportive community, it has been a pleasure to be part of HubPages this last year. I wish you and your families a Happy...

    • Silly Question about Hub Review Process

      Silly Question about Hub Review Process

      2 years ago

      I have written two Hubs this weekend. One is an Arts and Crafts article, the other is Folklore. I completed the Folklore piece on Saturday afternoon, but had a look through it this morning and edited it again whilst it was still undergoing review. I understand that doing this puts it back to the...

    • Trying to share a Hub on FB, Amazon capsule image appears in preview

      Trying to share a Hub on FB, Amazon capsule image appears in preview

      3 years ago

      Hello,When I share one of my Hubs on Facebook by clicking the standard button on the bottom right of a Hub, it will show the image from the first picture capsule that I enter in the Hub in the preview box. It's not doing this tonight, I'm getting the image of an Amazon listing that I have in the...

    • A bit anxious about the payment system

      A bit anxious about the payment system

      3 years ago

      Hello dear Hubbers,Am I getting the wrong end of the stick? I've had a good read of this and from my understanding, the earnings in January up to 26th should be paid to my PayPal account on 28th February. Is this correct, or will this go through in March? I...

    • Your own

      Your own "Bookshelf" Feature

      3 years ago

      I read so many interesting Hubs on here, and some of them I keep coming back to. It would be wonderful if we had a feature that would let us "store" these articles somehow in our own virtual bookshelf; for example have a button in each Hub that allowed HubPage members to save it as a...

    • Another

      Another "Why is my Hub Score Falling?" Thread...

      3 years ago

      Hi folks, I wondered if you could help at all? I am scratching my head at the moment about this, wondering why it is happening.Whilst I know that Hub scores do go up and down, I have Hubs that were rated in the 90s that are now in the 70s. In particular, an "Editor's Choice" Hub about a...

    • Adding links to Facebook, etc

      Adding links to Facebook, etc

      3 years ago

      Hello all, I'm rather new to HubPages, so I am still learning the ropes. Like so many others, the Hub scores are a little confusing to me. I see them go up and down all of the time, but I wonder if something I've recently done has caused them to drop? For example, I have an Editor's Choice hub that...

    • RESOLVED: Random Pop Ups?

      RESOLVED: Random Pop Ups?

      3 years ago

      Someone has informed me via FB that when they clicked on one of my Hubs, it brought up pop ups for all sorts of things. I've replied to them to ask if they can provide further details, but has anyone else ever experienced this problem? I don't get any pop ups when I look at anything on HubPages,...

    • Amazon Earnings reports are confusing me

      Amazon Earnings reports are confusing me

      3 years ago

      I wondered if any of you could help at all?I am just getting used to all of the reports on here, and I noticed something this morning. "My Amazon Sales" on my Hubpages Account contains 10 items, and in my Earnings report, this gives me a total earnings amount from Amazon Associates...

    • What is the

      What is the "Bounce Rate" on the Google Analytics Report?

      3 years ago

      What is the "Bounce Rate" on the Google Analytics Report?I'm just trying to understand how the reports work. I'm new to HubPages, and some of it is a little confusing.

    • Share Hub URL after it has passed QAP and is published

      Share Hub URL after it has passed QAP and is published

      3 years ago

      I am using Windows Vista, with Google Chrome 37.0.2062.102 mDoes this happen to anyone else? It just started last night for me, all the others worked fine. The Hub I've shared is this one … s-of-WalesI've attached a screenshot of the preview that...

    • Etiquette on Hubpages

      Etiquette on Hubpages

      3 years ago

      Good morning,I am rather new to HubPages, and am so far enjoying sharing my articles with everyone. I've received a couple of "fan mail" messages, and a few comments on some Hubs, which has been marvellous. I don't wish to appear aloof or ungrateful, and wondered if there are any guides...

    • External Affiliate Settings - Google AdSense - Association Disabled

      External Affiliate Settings - Google AdSense - Association Disabled

      3 years ago

      Good morning! I recently joined HubPages thanks to being directed here by a friend. I've been busily chucking out articles, with 5 now completed, and another 6 in progress.I am afraid I am very new to all of this, and am just trying to navigate my way around the site and how it all works.I've got...