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Popcorn is a great snack, full of texture and tension relief. Salt is flavor cubed! So, Popcorn Salt is adding relaxation, flavor and crunch to your life! PopcornSalt is an alias for Debra Schmidt, who is also a blogger, designer and photographer. She runs several websites and Zazzle stores.

Look for some cool products and images at her print-on-demand stores. They may just add flavor and texture to your life!

Visit her RightBrainLeftTurn website for info about designing for Zazzle and using WordPress.

www.zazzle.com/beachwalker* - beautiful and fun stuff related, of course to the beach! Ocean, Great Lakes and inland water beaches. Won't you beachwalk today?

www.zazzle.com/woodswalker* - interesting walks through woods and among wildflowers with a bit of American patriotism thrown in. Come walk the woods!

Feeling creative yourself? Check out RightBrainLeftTurn for info about Zazzle, WordPress and using your whole brain for fun and profit!

Please, comment on a hub that makes you think. Or laugh. And consider becoming a fan! Enjoy your day!

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