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Hello everyone.I have some hobbies,writing is also one among them.Though i don't write so good in present but i wish to improve my writing skills in time to come,and then i will be able to pen down my imagination.

At times i feel trapped in the world and the situations,and when i write i feel all the barriers dissolving away and freeing me of all the boundations and i become a free bird once again.

The thing that irks me the most is that i dont want to be a normal person,and the more i realize that i am just a normal person with no expertise in any damn thing the more uncomfortable i get.But i wish that in the time to come i have more acceptance of what i am.

I think there is a underlying truth for every phenomena happening around,the realization of which will set us free from the things like being envious,hatred for anyone,dependency on anyone including self.

I do meditation and i try to be alone whenever i can to realize the higher truth.During meditation i have felt certain things that were more extraordinary then anything we percieve by senses.There are lot of other things too that i will like to mention in time to come regarding to the vision we can have during deep state of meditation.But not now.

Since the time i have been doing mediation i have started to believe more in something supreme that rules every single thing on earth,that which has sense to respond,judge,sympathy.This realization makes me feel more in home.

I have lot of confusion which i will share with you and in return you can give me yours,it doesn't troubles me as i have the reputation in this field,you could even ask my high school teacher who noticed my confusion a lot,and didn't hesitate to mention it to me,and that was the first time i realized that the state of mind i am mostly in is called confusion in worldly language.

I think i have said a lot about myself,now its the time that you say,in case you have any problem of any kind and i can be of any assistance to you ,it will make me feel litte more worthy.



You can also mail me on my email id-pangiras@yahoo.in

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