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Firstly I am the best football commentator on hubpages.This is a title I have awarded to myself. I am also a college graduate currently attempting to write a novel. I chose to study English because I am an imaginative writer who wanted to learn from the great poets and novelists in history. I am very passionate about politics and sports. My hubs will cover these interests and I also hope to write about films and social issues such as the celebrity culture phenomenon

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      • Cultural taboos

        Cultural taboos

        7 years ago

        Hey everyone, I'm in the process of writing about cultural taboos around the world. Some of these such as cannibalism are universally considered as taboo but I want to find out more about taboos that are unusual, or...

      • What happens when I spam a hub?

        What happens when I spam a hub?

        7 years ago

        I have been spamming hubs that are solely created to promote other websites (such as watching sports events online for free); what happens when I do this. Is there somebody looking into it and do such hubs get removed?...

      • Is condemnation of Israel fair in relative terms?

        Is condemnation of Israel fair in relative terms?

        7 years ago

        I don't defend every action Israel takes but I also see them as the lesser evil to Hamas. It is also rather unfair that Israel are expected to abide by all international laws despite the fact that their enemy does not....

      • Will Rory McIlroy replace Tiger Woods as the face of Golf?

        Will Rory McIlroy replace Tiger Woods as the face of Golf?

        7 years ago

        There are many rumours circulating that McIlroy will be alongside Woods on the cover of next years PGA Tour game. Is this just the start of the transition? Rory destroyed the field at Quail Hollow last weekend and has...

      • Pictures in Hubs

        Pictures in Hubs

        7 years ago

        When I place a few pictures next to one piece of text, the pictures move up a place on the hub when I publish. Thus I have a hub that looks completely foolish with a line of pictures followed further down the page by...

      • Are vegetarians fooling themselves?

        Are vegetarians fooling themselves?

        7 years ago

        There is nothing more annoying than encountering a pushy, preaching vegetarian sort who criticizes me for being human. I love meat and I won't tolerate people telling me what I can and can't eat. I don't mind a person...

      • Tiger Woods Returns, do we want him to win or lose?

        Tiger Woods Returns, do we want him to win or lose?

        7 years ago

        Tiger has announced he will return to golf at the Masters and to be honest I don't want him to win. I would prefer a Mickelson victory...although if he's in contention it will be exciting!

      • Beckham Badly Injured

        Beckham Badly Injured

        7 years ago

        David Beckham was injured tonight during a match and will miss the world cup. It also means he will miss many matches for Los Angeles Galaxy, do you think he is worth his salary?

      • pictures and videos in a hub?

        pictures and videos in a hub?

        7 years ago

        I have just joined hubpages and I'm not sure what the rules are regarding content of a hub. Can I get a picture from google images and paste it into a hub? can i attach a video from youtube or do i need special...