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I, Procopius, court historian to the Roman Emperor, Justinianus Augustus, fell asleep almost 1,500 years ago--or perhaps I disappeared. Whether taken away or having fallen into a slumber, I awoke right where I had left in Constantinople. But it was now the one-thousand, nine-hundred and ninety-fifth year of Our Lord. Though I prefer to speak as little as possible of my early period of wandering, I will say that I was able to get by well enough with my grasp of both Latin and Greek. I made my way through the old provinces of the empire until eventually settling across the ocean sea as a man of means again.

Having learned the language of the barbarous Angles, as it is today the world's language of trade, I now rest comfortably within the borders of the empire of America. And it is here that I will again play the historian and compose notes and essays of this world as I have seen it.

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