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Thanks for reading my hubs. I never have been a writer, though have had some technical papers published. I am a "geek: as my wife likes to say. I am an engineer by training and trade. I have found a hidden passion for writing that hubpages allows my to further explore.

I am finding hubpages a great place to share things that interest me that I also feel may benefit others. Recently these topics have mostly been some "how to" type articles on projects I am doing around my house. Some of these have been going on for years like my "master plan" and other are recent improvements. If you read my hubs, you may gain some knowledge and avoid some mistakes I made on my projects.

I also completed a series on how my wife and I closed our business. I found a lack of good information on the web and though our experience could be helpful to others. It has been part of my healing process to write about our experience and hope someone can learn and benefit by reading the series.

There may be an occasional article on some of my other interests in personal finance and economics as I think of interesting things to share.

I hope you enjoy my hubs and feel free to share your comments!

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