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This is the last time that I am going to hide behind avatars, no matter how cute they are nor how many personalities I seem to encounter within me from day to day. So now this is me, up close and personal. I had changed my photo from one of James and I to one of FlyGirl. That was my avatar that I had (and still do on some other places)used for many of my multiple personalities; whether I am Carol Ann Wiley, purplelady, missylol, genesisgirl, CashNana or Mammo. My husband, James, and I retired from public sector careers in the Midwest in September of 2001. Right after that, September 11th happened and we looked at each other and said, "Life is too short and too uncertain; we need to follow our dreams". For over a decade we had wanted to move to California; so we did. We also knew that we needed to re-career to remain retired. Now we would like to share our experiences with others and to link people to resources on various retirement issues as well as cash and lifestyle changes.

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    Crafts of the 60's

    6 years ago

    I started this lens on the Crafts of the 60s with the picture of a Tie-Dye Peace Sign because Tie-Dye is the only thing I tried to do that with which I had some success . During the 60's everyone was into crafts. You...