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The world needs more laughter, lollygagging, and leprechauns who know how to have a good time!

Quipping Queen, Empress of Eccentricity, Monarch of Mirth, & Giant Squid of Diddlysquat.

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  • Humorous Hobbies

    Humorous Hobbies

    4 years ago

    This light-hearted lens is devoted to humorous hobbies, peculiar pastimes, and unusual undertakings. For those who are knee-deep in the swamp fighting off the alligators, running a rat race at full speed, or trying to...

  • Six Sentence Stories

    Six Sentence Stories

    3 months ago

    Today we pay tribute to a rare form of literature, the six sentence snicker story. In this case, we're showcasing a curious collection of amusing if not absurd anecdotes by a wide array of wonky wordsmiths. One might...

  • Amusing Alliteration

    Amusing Alliteration

    4 years ago

    This lighthearted lens will appeal to paripatetic ponderers, parenthetical poets, and pundits of pleasingly plump prose. NOTE: Those with incredibly short-attention spans or missing funnybones would be well advised to...

  • Curious Conundrums

    Curious Conundrums

    4 years ago

    Are you ready for some pithy ponderings? They're the ones that will make you scratch your head, tickle your funnybone, or oblige you to gaze into the wild blue yonder hoping for answers to life's little questions. ...

  • Entertaining Euphemisms

    Entertaining Euphemisms

    4 years ago

    Exactly what is a euphemism and, more importantly, why is it entertaining? In twenty-five words or less, according to a dazzling dictionary by Mr. Webster, a euphemism is a 16th century-old English noun or figure of...

  • Naughty-Sounding Words for Odd Occasions

    Naughty-Sounding Words for Odd Occasions

    4 years ago

    The English language is full of colorful words that may sound a bit suggestive, lewd, or maybe even rude, but in actual fact are really quite harmless. This lighthearted lens is committed to preserving these...