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Rachel Lynn Robinson; a Conservative "Tea Partier" was home schooled since kindergarten until she turned sixteen, at sixteen she attended college at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin Missouri. She currently resides in Southwest Missouri with her husband and their two sons, and is working on a degree in Writing from Drury University, while freelance writing from her home.


Truth is always appropriate. Facts are never disputable. At times, neither pleasant nor popular, truth is vital to morality, required of courage, and necessary to governance. It is far better to be attacked for telling Truths than to be embraced for telling lies. Nothing is so liberating as telling the Truth.....

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      • AdSense


        2 years ago

        So I was approved for AdSense and it says that I need to create an ad an place in on one of my active hubs, but I cannot figure out how to do that.

      • Google AdSense

        Google AdSense

        4 years ago

        I received an e-mail yesterday saying that my AdSense account had been closed for violations. I cannot contact AdSense, and cannot figure out what the alleged violation was. I haven't published a hub in a couple weeks...

      • Starting Education at 3

        Starting Education at 3

        6 years ago

        My son will be three years old soon, I would like to start teaching him some things, but I am not sure beyond ABC's what is a reasonable amount of learning I should expect out of him. Is three to young to learn how to...

      • Liberalism- The Symptom or The Disease?

        Liberalism- The Symptom or The Disease?

        7 years ago

        I came across this article when I was researching whether Liberalism was the symptom of the problem or the disease and I thought I would share it and see what others thought. Liberalism: a toxic philosophyKlaus...

      • Name Calling

        Name Calling

        7 years ago

        Just for once I would like to see a Political Discussion without name calling, on either side. I see an otherwise adult post that they feel strongly about... Immigration... The Health Care Bill... pick your topic, and...