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Hi I'm Randi I get tired of getting hit on by guys that really don't have a clue as to what they are doing. I am making some lenses to hopefully help them out. Please leave comments - positive or otherwise and any advice you have to help these poor guys. Most of them are really nice people - just clueless.

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  • Women Signals of Attraction

    Women Signals of Attraction

    4 years ago

    Women show interest in a man in very subtle almost hidden ways. They use a lot of body language to communicate interest, to invite you to approach and to show disinterest to the ones they don't want to approach them. ...

  • signs a woman attracted

    signs a woman attracted

    4 years ago

    How Women Show Interest In a Man. To learn to flirt with woman you must start off very simply - flirting with women already attracted to you. You must learn the signs that a woman attracted displays. As part of the...