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I wake up. I ponder. I hub.

That's how I pick what topics to write about. The few minutes in the morning that I have after waking up to the alarm and in between the snooze buttons. Major decisions about my hub and websites are made at this time. The inspirations, however, are merely observations of what's going on around me and conversations with others.

For example, after recently spending a lot of time in the emergency room with my sick aunt, I wanted my experience to somehow pay out. Though I'm not going to detail her several near-death experiences, the events were traumatic for her and me.

But there were also hours and hours of boredom since I'm never prepared for the waiting room downtime in each instance. All I had going was the constant note I was silently making so that I can possibly write about them. Hence, three of my hubs are somehow associated with the trip to the emergency room:

- Exercise the brain to help in prevent Alzheimer's disease: Fun and simple ways
- Really Cool Nursing Scrub Uniforms
- I'm glad they went to EMT school

More are coming, with much different inspiration, when I get back from Comic Con.

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