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It all started in the year of 1996, a baby was straight outta the womb (yes that would be me). Been kind of muddling on through life for 21 years so far, was born and raised in the big ol' valleys of South Wales and now have recently moved to the Herefordshire area for a fresh start in early adulthood. My true passion in life is being creative and working on various types of projects, always gives me a good feeling when I'm able to start and work on a project which is why I chose this site to create content. I'm not confident on my writing skills but hey ho! lets give it a go, ay? I'm going to try and write different kinds of content so its refreshing and different every time. Not all of it will be child friendly as in some articles which I thought I'd include before any of you mothers start messaging me typical angry paragraphs! Just so you get to know me a little bit better I'm gonna lay out some things I have interests in...women (yes im a lesbian). I'm passionate about being part of the LGBTQ+ community and trying to improve unity rather than having a divide in society, although we still unfortunately have more work to do on this I'm hanging on in there and having hope. I'm your typical young british person who loves drinking and enjoying the night life scene, I love going out partying until ridiculous hours in the morning and having drunken adventures trying to meet my mates in a local takeaway ramming a kebab down my neck, greasy food is mandatory after a night of sweating your tits off in some sticky, crammed overpriced club I mean why not? I'm also a huge fan of RuPaul's Drag Race and always enjoy the shade throwing, death drops and tea spilling in the show. It isn't all about that I do understand but I also love how creative and how far they push the limits with fashion and statement, the unity of the show even when they've had a few spats and moments they all still look out for one another, I think that's pretty cool! I seek adventure a lot so when there's one I wanna join! it could be urban exploration, trying to find something you've lost...or even finding you in a takeaway after a long night, it could be pretty much anything. I'm kind of open minded depending on what it is, and a closed book in other ways too...but my aim is to grow a bit more confident and be able to connect with people and do what I love best.

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