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In addition to Star Wars I enjoy writing, humour, comedy. Especially humorous writing in comedy. Star Wars is a passion, though not an obsession. While I have read every novel available (except for the last few) I have never been known to turn up to a movie premiere in costume. Though if I were to have an authentic looking stormtrooper outfit it may have been a different story.

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  • RebelPilot Issue 21

    RebelPilot Issue 21

    14 months ago

    I'll bring this up now so as to quell any confusion in sending messages to my myriad of email addresses. :>oooooo

  • RebelPilot Issue 54

    RebelPilot Issue 54

    12 months ago

    If you're new to RebelPilot or just wanted to re-read what has gone before, you can go to... www.squidoo.com/rebelpilot I suggest reading any of the last 50 or so issues... ... because before that RebelPilot...

  • RebelPilot Issue 65

    RebelPilot Issue 65

    14 months ago

    Here again. Get your R2 Unit to serve you your favourite beverage, Loosen your straight-jacket straps and sit back and relax. This issues madness and mayhem includes: * Top Ten Jawa Pickup Lines * Ask A Rogue...with...