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I was born in Washington, DC on August 31, 1979 to Carmen D. and Paul, and grew up in Burtonsville, Maryland just outside of Silver Spring.After graduating high school in 1997, I was asked what I wanted to be. I said a writer.“There’s no money in that,” I was told.“That’s not why I do it.My writing is a gift from God.I love to write.And I know I will be a great one someday,” I replied.

For the last few years, I have written plays for the Christian Education Children’s program at the church where I attend, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC.I love expressing my ideas through creativity because it allows my voice to come through so many characters, as well as gives me a more in depth look at the Bible, my own faith and beliefs, and the way we treat each other.I co-wrote a play in December 2011 “A Christmas of Deliverance” and enjoyed seeing how two different people could come together to form a great piece of work.“Hate” is my second collaboration and led to the beginnings of a faith-based nonprofit organization I helped co-found, what is known as Genesis 2 Productions, Inc.

Winning the President’s Award for Writing in 3rd grade, an essay about the definition of slavery for African-Americans and Native Americans, I always knew that I would write. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Master of Science in Human Resources Management and Development, and several other certificates in leadership and human resources, I look forward to where the world of writing will take me.

I am a published writer for Prince George’s Suite Magazine in Prince George’s County, Maryland. I have also written several poems that have been published in books of poetry. After taking a trip to South Africa with my mother, I have begun focusing my writing on more serious issues which uncover the struggle of humanity and how we can build up our own communities and ourselves.

With goals of being a world renowned author, playwright, and producer, I try to live by my motto “A Closed Mouth Never Gets Heard” or in this case “A Page With No Words Never Gets Read” by giving people an avenue to express themselves on stage through my writing.

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