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  • Photographing Birds

    Photographing Birds

    6 years ago

    The photography of birds is concerned with three main types of picture, each of which calls for its own technique and equipment. There are the pictures of nests with eggs in them: then there are the pictures of parent birds at the nest. either...

  • How Phonographs Work

    How Phonographs Work

    6 years ago

    A phonograph is a device that reproduces recorded sound is called a phonograph or 'gramophone' and it was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1877. His model consisted of a metal cylinder covered with tinfoil which was mechanically rotated. When the...

  • Slow Motion and Fast Motion

    Slow Motion and Fast Motion

    7 years ago

    When the film runs at the same speed through the camera as through the projector (for example 24 frames per second for a sound film) the movement on the screen appears as fast as the original movement in front of the camera. For special effects the...

  • Time Lapse and Stop Motion

    Time Lapse and Stop Motion

    7 years ago

    The principle of fast motion can be extended to the point where the camera exposes one frame every second, every minute or even every hour. This technique of so-called time lapse photography is useful for depicting processes which are normally far...

  • Film Transitions

    Film Transitions

    7 years ago

    The transitions are the cinematic devices by means of which one scene changes gradually to another instead of there being a sudden change, as with a cut. The three basic types of transition are the fade, the dissolve and the wipe. With a fade the...

  • Trick Scenery

    Trick Scenery

    7 years ago

    The technique of cinematography includes the knowledge of a whole range of special effects produced not only by variations from the normal procedure but by tricks of one kind or another made possible by special apparatus. Many effects are by this...

  • Photographing from Balloons and Kites

    Photographing from Balloons and Kites

    7 years ago

    Most photographs that have to be taken from the air are best taken from an aeroplane, but there are occasions when it is more convenient to take them from a kite or captive balloon. The first really satisfactory aerial photograph, from a tethered...

  • Composition of a Shot

    Composition of a Shot

    7 years ago

    Composition is the tool wherewith the artist handles the subject matter at his disposal in the picture space so as best to express his purpose. His purpose is not always simply to please; he may wish to instruct, entertain, or even annoy. The...

  • Circus Photography

    Circus Photography

    7 years ago

    There are two principal reasons for regarding circus photography as a distinct subject and not merely as another type of theater photography: the lighting comes mostly from directly overhead; the audience encircles the performers. These factors...

  • Professional Photography

    Professional Photography

    7 years ago

    The essential difference between the amateur and the professional photographer is that the amateur undertakes photography for personal pleasure whereas the professional is also concerned with earning his livelihood. The amateur may produce excellent...

  • Police Photography

    Police Photography

    2 years ago

    The use of photography in police work dates from  1852, when the Swiss Federal Government authorized the Department of Justice and Police to have photographs taken of all vagrant beggars found in cantons other than their own. In December 1854 the...

  • Freelance Photography

    Freelance Photography

    7 years ago

    Practically every publication that prints photographs accepts a certain proportion of them from freelance workers. This means in theory that the scope of the freelance photographer is unlimited. In practice this is not altogether true, because the...

  • Framing Photography

    Framing Photography

    7 years ago

    There are two principal reasons for putting a photograph in a frame: so that it can be hung up easily and seen to better advantage, and to protect it from dust, damp and finger-marks while it is displayed. The amateur, unless he is an experienced...

  • Mirror Photography

    Mirror Photography

    7 years ago

    There is nothing difficult about taking a photograph of a scene reflected in a mirror. What the eye sees when it looks at the mirror from the camera position will come out in the photograph exactly as though the objects reflected were being...

  • Fashion Photography

    Fashion Photography

    7 years ago

    Fashions in fashion photography change almost as fast as they do in clothes. In the past few years this branch of photography has been revolutionized in Britain, America and France. There is a changed market for the fashion industry, and thus...

  • Moonlight Photography

    Moonlight Photography

    7 years ago

    The light of the moon is made up of the same colors as daylight, but it is very much weaker (the sun is about 600,000 times more brilliant than the full moon). So the only real difficulty about taking photographs by moonlight is the length of the...

  • Wildlife Photography

    Wildlife Photography

    7 years ago

    The authorities in the world's big-game areas are becoming more interested in preserving wild animal life than in allowing it to be indiscriminately killed by the hunter. This is having a two-fold effect: travelers are being forced to do their shooting with the camera instead of the rifle, and the...

  • Photography Competitions

    Photography Competitions

    7 years ago

    Photographic competitions are of several types. Generally speaking the term is applied to those contests in which prizes are given.

  • Camera Shake

    Camera Shake

    7 years ago

    Blur is often caused, not by movement of the subject, but by movement of the camera at the time of exposure. This movement, generally referred to as camera shake, cannot be classified as neatly as subject movement. It depends on a number of variable...

  • Camera Movements

    Camera Movements

    7 years ago

    Camera movements are all the different ways in which the film plane and the lens may be turned or moved from the normal position. In a simple camera, the plane of the negative is parallel to the plane of the lens, and the optical axis of the lens...

  • Photography Books

    Photography Books

    7 years ago

    Books on photography are as old as photography itself; Daguerre's own handbook on his technique was published in the same year as his invention. Today the literature of photography would fill large libraries. The library of the Royal Photographic...

  • Photo Contest Judging Criteria

    Photo Contest Judging Criteria

    17 months ago

    Every year thousands of photographs are submitted to pictorial photographic exhibitions by entrants who hope that their pictures will be considered good enough to be accepted for hanging. The experts chosen by the organizers to perform the task of...

  • Night Photography

    Night Photography

    7 years ago

    Photography in one way or another can still be carried on out of doors after the sun has set, by the afterglow in the sky in the period of dusk, by existing street, shop-window, or floodlighting, and by moonlight. The photographer can supplement...

  • Marine Photography

    Marine Photography

    7 years ago

    The sea and its harbors and traffic of ships, yachts and small boats offers a wealth of subjects to the photographer. All these subjects are apart from ordinary photography as the sailor is apart from these who live and work ashore. The...

  • Hand Modeling and Photography

    Hand Modeling and Photography

    7 years ago

    A hand is a very human and live thing and a photograph must reveal these qualities or it will fail in its purpose. A great deal can be learned about the character of people by watching how they use their hands in everyday activities such as picking...

  • The Perfect Home Workshop Setup

    The Perfect Home Workshop Setup

    7 years ago

    When you are filled with the desire to fix and make things for your house,  you need a comfortable place to work and to store the tools properly. To give the most convenience, efficiency and pleasure to the handyman and handywoman, a proper...

  • Ancient Philosophy

    Ancient Philosophy

    7 years ago

    Philosophy, as an investigation into the nature of reality, distinct from both the empirical sciences and from religious belief, first becomes explicit and self-conscious with the Greeks. To the early Greek philosophers from Ionia, in Asia Minor,...

  • Halftone


    14 months ago

    A halftone is a reproduction of a photograph or other continuous tone picture, in which only various-sized dots of black ink or ink of a single shade is used to connote color differences.

  • Selling Photographs (the Old School way)

    Selling Photographs (the Old School way)

    7 years ago

    Good photographs are frequently required by editors of the illustrated press and technical journals, book publishers, advertising agents, press agencies, and many other users. Methods of approach vary according to the market, and the fees paid...

  • Self Portrait Photography

    Self Portrait Photography

    6 years ago

    There are four ways of taking a self-portrait; by using a mirror, a delayed action shutter release, a remote shutter control, and by controlling the lighting. The mirror method is popular, but by no means the easiest. It usually means including...

  • Fixed Focus Camera

    Fixed Focus Camera

    7 years ago

    On many of the cheaper cameras, there is no focusing movement and the lens is at a fixed distance from the film. With such fixed focus cameras, all objects beyond about 7 feet from the camera are in reasonably sharp focus. The success of fixed...

  • Antique Pewter

    Antique Pewter

    7 years ago

    Pewter is a generic term for a variety of alloys, of which tin forms the predominating component. The ordinary pewter is tin alloyed with lead, in the proportion of four parts to one. Specimens of the old Roman pewter left in England at the time of...

  • Abstract Photography

    Abstract Photography

    7 years ago

    The camera is basically very much like the human eye. It records the relations of light and shade and draws the relative positions and sizes of various parts of the subject in scientifically correct perspective. So long as the whole photographic...

  • The Andes Survivors

    The Andes Survivors

    6 years ago

    As far as the outside world was concerned they were dead. Stranded in a wrecked fuselage high amid the Andes, the members of a Uruguayan rugby club had a choice: they could starve to death or eat the flesh of friends whose bodies lay scattered in...

  • The Secret to Photographing Antiques

    The Secret to Photographing Antiques

    7 years ago

    The photography of museum and collector's pieces needs considerable technical skill. The aim is usually to produce a factual presentation of the object, from which the connoisseur could get much of the information he would expect to obtain by a...

  • Buying Second-hand Camera Equipment

    Buying Second-hand Camera Equipment

    7 years ago

    Nowadays most cameras and photographic equipment can be bought second-hand from private owners or photographic dealers and sold to the same people. Such buying and selling is frequently carried on through the classified advertisement columns of photographic magazines. Photographic equipment when...

  • Magazine Photography

    Magazine Photography

    7 years ago

    The United States has exerted a strong influence on the styles and methods applied to magazine publishing in other countries. There is a world-wide tendency to follow the established patterns of American practice, on which this article is based. ...

  • Ghost Towns

    Ghost Towns

    7 years ago

    American mining towns of the 19th century that were abandoned after the mines near them were closed are known as ghost towns. Most of the towns are in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Utah, and other Western states that have deposits of gold, silver,...

  • Electrotype


    7 years ago

    Electrotype is a metal printing plate made by an electroplating process. It provides an exact duplicate of an engraving or of a page of original type. Electrotypes were once widely used to print magazines, books, and catalogs. They weren't used to...


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