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About Me

My name is Paul Schlenker. My passions are my faith, my family, software development, music, and photography. I am an orthodox Catholic who is doing his best to be faithful to Jesus Christ by being faithful to the teachings of the Church He founded on the apostle Peter (Matthew 16:18). I am fervently pro-life, and believe that every human life should be protected from the moment of fertilization until natural death. For a career, I develop web application software, and provide technical mentoring to other developers.

Restless Waters Blog

I am the creator of the blog "Restless Waters". I use the blog as a means to share my Catholic Christian faith with others. Visit the Restless Waters blog at http://restlesswaters.blogspot.com.

Roamin' Catholic Online Newspaper

I am the owner of the online Catholic and Pro-Life newspaper "The Roamin' Catholic Daily" (http://paper.li/Beatidude). The content of the newspaper is crowd-sourced from the people I follow on Twitter. The newspaper is automatically generated once per day, so the content is always fresh. The newspaper contains articles pertaining to the Catholic faith, the pro-life movement, and other moral issues.


My Twitter account is @Beatidude. I use Twitter to share information about the Catholic Christian faith, and engage in discussions about religion, atheism, and social issues like abortion, radical feminism, and same-sex marriage.


The Google+ social network is a great place to have discussions with people from all over the world. My Google+ account can be found here: http://gplus.to/Beatidude

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