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RFox profile image


Joined 10 years ago




Rachelle Fox is a Fine Art Photographer with a passion for writing. Born to a nomadic family her love of travel was instilled from day one. Her addiction to adventure has resulted in close encounters with a curious black bear, a hungry mountain goat, an angry camel and a feisty angel fish which left a scar. (Rachelle is still plotting revenge against the angel fish!)

Mostly a creative fiction writer Rachelle is working on what she hopes will be her best selling novel. (Her friends also hope it is a best seller as they want their couch back and are tired of her subsisting on their leftovers and drinking the last of the coffee.)

She has many talents but no relevant job skills and as such has experienced a wide array of bizarre careers in order to pay the rent.

Note to jobseekers: Can-Can outfits are uncomfortable, parrots bite hard (there's a reason why pirates have eye patches!), walking groups of dogs that are tethered to you near fire hydrants is not a good idea and if someone says their Fifi would never hurt a fly be assured you will lose blood, skin, digits, limbs etc.

In a past life Rachelle was a Professional Dog Groomer and to this day still enjoys being slobbered on.

You can view her Fine Art web gallery at:

and you can visit the great photography company she worked for:

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  • The Pros and Cons Of A Modelling Career

    The Pros and Cons Of A Modelling Career

    10 years ago

    Many young girls and guys dream of a modelling career. It is a profession that is tied to fame, glamor, money and travel to exotic locations. With these fantasy images in mind people spend thousands on portfolios, modelling classes and exercise...