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Hello, I'm Rikki! Welcome to my HubPages blog.

I love kids, it's like my thing, so I decided to share my thoughts about kids related topics.

Yes, you'll find some hubs about other topics, but that is because I just needed to practice somehow, so I did. Feel free to follow, ask questions, even highlight my hubs imperfections. Seriously, any review good or bad is still a review and could help me to become better at what I do.

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      • AdSense together with Amazon - do they work?

        AdSense together with Amazon - do they work?

        23 months ago

        Hello!I was wondering if you can use the Amazon (HubPages version) together with AdSense? I mean, I think there is something wrong with my accounts. I haven't earned anything, but the views in my AdSense are counting...

      • Hubpages earnings on hold?

        Hubpages earnings on hold?

        3 years ago

        Hello! I have a question. Can you somehow put your earnings program earnings on hold for 1 month? I mean,  I have reached the $50 minimum and that should be paid on 28th Sept. The reason why I want to hold my...

      • Street Workout?

        Street Workout?

        3 years ago

        Has anyone tried it? I'm planning on loosing weight and I was wondering if anyone can actually share his or hers experience. Is it hard? Will I become more flexible? What if I am not very strong? I'm a bit lost here. I...

      • I just sold my first amazon item!

        I just sold my first amazon item!

        3 years ago

        I am so happy. Looks like I'll be able to reach my payment soon. Awww... It's an amazing day Do you have any tips for me on how to sell more?