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A young wife , Caren is currently holds a B.A in Mathematics and a B.S in computer science.

For her leisure, Caren has various hobbies. Writing, programming, web design, drawing, video gaming, casual gaming are all things Caren does for fun. In addition, she enjoys learning Japanese and reading about finance.

If writing and sharing knowledge is something you enjoy doing, feel free to join Hubpages. Thanks to the advertising program, it might even possible to earn a little bit of side income. Writing for passion is even better with a bit of extra spending income.

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    • Kim Jong-Il suffers heart attack

      Kim Jong-Il suffers heart attack

      5 years ago

      Kim Jong-Il, leader of North Korea, is now deceased. It's unsure who will take over.http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/12/ … 5B20111219Who knows how that'll affect North Korea (and the rest of the world)...

    • Last Updated

      Last Updated

      5 years ago

      I think it'd be great if, in addition (or in stead of) Last Published, we could see Last Updated in the myaccount hub list. I know I'd use it like a checklist of which hubs I need to make sure are still up to date.I'm...

    • Wrong Rodents

      Wrong Rodents

      5 years ago

      The following animals are wrongly in the Rodents category. They should be moved to Small Mammals.Badgers    (weasel family)Ferrets (weasel family)HedgehogOpossum (marsupial)RacoonSkunks (weasel...

    • That "I can't do it" feeling

      That "I can't do it" feeling

      5 years ago

      I want to try the hubchallenge, but every time I do (whether on this account or one of my old ones), I fail after about 10 hubs.I just can't do it I want to. I definitely have 30 topics I could write about, but it's...

    • The tiredness

      The tiredness

      6 years ago

      After a few weeks of hiatus, I realized I should probably come back to write a few more hubs.How do you get over the tiredness. Yesterday I had a day off and wrote 4 (purty good) hubs. Today I worked and although I can...

    • Ever get banned on purpose?

      Ever get banned on purpose?

      6 years ago

      Has anyone ever gotted banned (from the forums, not the whole site) on purpose?I swear I spend so much time reading the forums, I almost want to get myself banned so I can do something else! There should totally be a...

    • Where'd I go to?

      Where'd I go to?

      6 years ago

      "You are not currently elgible to enroll in the HubPages Ad Program"Where did the first "i" in ELIGIBLE go to? If I'm going to be prevented from something, the least HP can do is use proper spelling....