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I write fiction and non-fiction. I write a lot about Internet marketing, especially how to sell eBooks. If you would like to become an author of eBooks you should find some useful stuff by going to the follow link listed to the right.

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  • A Walk in London

    A Walk in London

    5 years ago

    This walk in London is the scenic route from Hampstead Heath to Baker Street, the residence of Sherlock Holmes. It takes in two impressive views over London and of course some great places to eat. You may want to...

  • Public Speaking Nerves - How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

    Public Speaking Nerves - How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

    3 years ago

    As the reality that it is your turn to speak to the assembled audience hits home, your heart begins to beat like you have just been chased by a mad axe man. Your body becomes stiff like a bolt. You walk to the...

  • Tofu Recipe

    Tofu Recipe

    6 years ago

    This tofu recipe is for a very nutritious sauce that can be served with pasta or rice. Tofu Handful of cashew nuts Half an onion Tin of chopped tomatoes or fresh Half a cup of sliced olives 3 garlic cloves ...

  • An Introduction to Health and Safety

    An Introduction to Health and Safety

    6 years ago

    Health and safety is all about the following three actions; assess, control and record. Risk assessment involves thinking about something and working out the negative effect on mind and body. The "something" or...

  • Best Food to Eat for Good Health

    Best Food to Eat for Good Health

    6 years ago

    Your body needs a correct balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils to function properly. They will help keep heart and joints healthy and are good for brain function too. Good for PMT. Take an oil blend such as Udo's Choice....