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Originally from the south,Cambridge but now my family are in the midlands and i currently live in the north.
I Graduated from Leeds Met in 2011 with a Music Degree and am currently doing freelance writing among other things.

I have a number of hobbies but the ones right up at the front are Music and Movies . Im very passionate about music and its something that means alot to me .Ive done 5 years + of education in music and from this ive found what i love alot! I play the Drums and ive been in loads bands (one being the most successful ) ! Ive played for about 10 years and was in a melodic metal band for 6 years up until early 2014.!My music tastes vary i like many genres and styles. My mainly thrash and death metal but am willing try out anything.My other hobbies include freelance writing, graphic novels, comic cons, geeky stuff, gaming etc.Want to know any more of my hobbies just ask!

Like many people i love to be out and about being social,active and adventurous.Going to music festivals is a huge passion of mine. Ive been to about 15 since i was 17 and i am 25 now!.Meeting new people making new friends is something i love to do.Seeing the world and trying new things is one of my main aims in life but I also like to read write and relax .One day i would love to tour the world with a band or even record bands. Something musical. Maybe even become a big promoter or work on festivals.

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