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How to use herbs for cooking

A must bookmark list!

If any of you are like me, I'm sure there has been one time or another when you've been working up a new dish and found yourself wondering does this herb go with this meat, vegetable, bean or fish.

Tweet, tweet and retweet!

Twitter dee twitter dumb.

So okay by now you probably have guessed I'm not into the whole Twitter phenomenon. And in fact even more at this point it is just really starting to become annoying to me in fact.

Healthy foods, How herb butter

A dining experience.

I'm sure most of us have that special favorite dining place we love to frequent, whether it be a steak house, Italian restaurant or one of those multi variety buffet style restaurants. As I am sure many of us have another reason often in deciding on that special place.


About Robert:

Buckeye turned Sooner. Born and raised in Dayton Ohio I now reside happily in Oklahoma. How that came about well that would be a short book. Let's just say Oklahoma is much more affordable and the Bass fishin well gotta love it. I now work hard as a shipping loader, no not what I dreamed of being but I have a job and it pays the bills somewhat and God makes it all a blessing.

I enjoy writing all kinds of things poetry, helpful tips, songs and Bible topics to name a few.

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