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I am a human, an Earthling, a father, a dabbler in art, history, literature and science, a hopeless and fanatical music enthusiast and a wanna be revolutionary.

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      • Wealth, Poverty and the Mind

        Wealth, Poverty and the Mind

        3 years ago

        Apparently there have been some studies recently into the psychological effects of wealth and poverty on the human mind.  Lawrence Davidson of OpEd News writes.."The notion that the poor can make "free...

      • Civil disobedience? Anyone?

        Civil disobedience? Anyone?

        4 years ago

        Behold, the power of humanity!"Activists protesting the filling of some of California’s last remaining wetlands used steel tubes to lock themselves to a fill truck around 10:15 last night in the wick drain field...

      • Why do we work so much?

        Why do we work so much?

        3 years ago

        Anthropologists largely agree that pre-colonized, nature based cultures only work an average of four hours a day.Societies located where winters were harsh did little more than stay warm and make babies in the...

      •  Is the monetary system moral/ethical?

        Is the monetary system moral/ethical?

        4 years ago

        Some will say that a system or tool such as money could not be moral or ethical; it’s how the tool or system is used that matters, but does it not facilitate treachery on a disastrous scale? Are laws and regulations...

      • Modern technology: good or bad for our species?

        Modern technology: good or bad for our species?

        3 years ago

        Weighing the pros and cons of modern technology, determine whether humans are ultimately better or worse off than we were 10,000 years ago (the dawn of agriculture)

      • Breast feeding in public

        Breast feeding in public

        4 years ago

        Why is it generally tolerable for men to go topless in public, but not women?  This is a serious question. Why shouldn’t women be comfortable?  And what is with all the consternation on the subject of breast...

      • What gives humans the right to own land?

        What gives humans the right to own land?

        4 years ago

        I am aware of Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states “Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.” And “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of...