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I am always a dreamer. I am a deep thinker with incredible powers of observation. I love to create. I am a poet at heart. I am a lover of truth, wisdom, knowledge and random acts of kindness. I love being a woman...I believe in chivalry. I am gifted as a decorator, a writer, transparency, and expressionism. I am an admirer of beauty, art, music, literature and poetry. I love to be moved, to feel, to express and a movie that makes me think. I love challenges and stretching my abilities.

I love the morning sun rises and the last of the rays of light stretching from the horizon and looking upwards at the blue-black sky with the first of the evening stars preparing to take their place. I love God, His Word, His mercy, His grace and His love. I love that God has His hand in my life, engineering and building something from an idea in my head...

I love front porch swings. I love my morning coffee and evening hot green tea.I love the sound of rain and the beauty of a rainbow. I love complex over simple. I love architecture, antique furniture, refinishing furniture, decorating, textures and the color of red. I love to wear high heels, cool boots, and skirts and big cotton t-shirts. I love nature, the mountains, water and the ocean. I love to explore, but sometimes comfortable silence is welcomed…..

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