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I will write just about anything that I have an interest in, with the hopes that it will be useful information for the reader. Sometimes I will write about a small but useful piece of information I picked up that could be useful to someone else.

I have a strong interest in science and technology and of course clinical research, as my occupation is a clinical research coordinator. The biotech research industry is exciting to write about because it is constantly changing and growing.

I am certified as a clinical research professional (CCRP). If you have an interest in learning about clinical research read through my articles. They will give you the foundation you need to begin your career in research.

If you already work in the profession I can give you some great tips on staying abreast in an ever-changing field. If you are considering certification I’ve written some articles to help you decide what you want to pursue and how to do it.

If you would like to make some supplemental passive income online then consider joining hubpages. I found that I share a common ground with a majority of people...I enjoy writing and sharing about my experiences and I like getting paid to write. Hubpages is easy to join and the online community is great.

Best of all to write on hubpages is free and will not cost you anything. There are forums to help guide you through your questions and there is no cost to set up a homepage. It is easier than creating your own blog.

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    ACRP vs. SOCRA

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    How to Choose Between ACRP and SOCRA Certification Clinical research professionals will recognize both non-profit organizations actively recruiting members: ACRP and SOCRA. The Association of Clinical...