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Recently relocated to Michigan from Hawaii, I now write with a mug of English-breakfast tea in hand, as opposed to a lilikoi margarita. However, I still hold ranking Anglophile status, devour any book within reach, and teach music to the children, though I've recently acquired a fear of the dreaded Midwest winter. You are more than welcome to check out my English-obsessing blog (inlovewithengland.wordpress.com) if you would like to catch the contagion of Anglophilia.

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      • Young People in America

        Young People in America

        6 years ago

        With the decline of our country, and the probable collapse of Social Security, what will happen to the younger generation of Americans? Will we step up and realize our responsibilities, or are we just too apathetic? As...

      • Could America survive without the public school system?

        Could America survive without the public school system?

        7 years ago

        I've been writing an article about the government's involvement in education... It seems to me that our kids would be a lot better off if the government had never gotten involved. But what if the Department of Education...

      • Newbie Blogger

        Newbie Blogger

        7 years ago

        I recently started a blog on blogspot. I've never written a blog before, but I think I'm starting to get addicted.... Does anyone have any advice on how to get more traffic and network with more bloggers? If anyone...

      • Photobucket and copyright?

        Photobucket and copyright?

        7 years ago

        Has anyone ever run into copyright issues using images from photobucket? I like the selection at photobucket, but it seems like people post a lot of photos they probably do not own. I like using photobucket, but there's...

      • Blog Fiction

        Blog Fiction

        7 years ago

        Is anybody into blog fiction? Does anyone know if it's worth it to start a blog with just fiction?I have this idea for a blog in which I post very short fiction stories all centered on one theme. (no I won't tell you...

      • I can't edit one of my unpublished hubs

        I can't edit one of my unpublished hubs

        7 years ago

        One of my unfinished hubs is malfunctioning. It looks great until I click on the edit button. Then my computer acts like it can't open the page and the screen freezes. This is the only hub that's acting like this as far...

      • Someone asked to copy my hub?

        Someone asked to copy my hub?

        7 years ago

        Someone from an online dating site wants to put one of my hubs on her website. She said she would credit me fully, but wants to publish the entire article on her site. I'd be fine with a link to my hub, but I'm a little...

      • Should I Get Twitter?

        Should I Get Twitter?

        7 years ago

        I'm wondering if I should open a Twitter account. Would that drive more traffic to my hubs?