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Roz Amponsah has a keen interest in place names and their origins. The endonyms of a people, their place or their signifying words can tell us more of their history than those who aim to tell us our history.

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  • ...a certain type of fear...

    ...a certain type of fear...

    6 years ago

    “Eat Me, Eat Me”. He looks around and sees just the leaves of the trees in the forest. “Eat Me, Eat Me”. Again he hears the whispering torment that had followed him ever since he stepped into the dense...

  • A free range bird.

    A free range bird.

    6 years ago

    She was free enough to live her life comfortably, she had food, shelter and company. Yet in spite of this, she had one wish, to be on the other side where it was greener. Hell, she was better off than some, ...

  • Origins of Kwaaman

    Origins of Kwaaman

    6 years ago

    Originally written in 2012

  • Adapted from Aesop’s THE SNAKE AND THE CRAB

    Adapted from Aesop’s THE SNAKE AND THE CRAB

    6 years ago

    A snake and a crab had become friends and were living together. Their home was an environment that suited them both, for it was halfway between the sea and vegetation.She could go to the edge of the shore to find a worm...

  • The way of Aesop?

    The way of Aesop?

    6 years ago

    He created fables that are still being told. His legacy of morals has survived the test of time. Yet this man, from recounts was ugly and deformed, high pitched speaking, bow legged, hunch-backed. His...