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I like to be creative, I try to do and experience as many things as I can. I write poems, lyrics, draw tribal, make electronic music, write blogs, experiment with food, travel, my favourite sport is fencing(swords), I follow other sports, I hate TV, celebrity magazines and other crap that keeps people interested in other lives that's no use to them, it just kills precious lifetime. I hate magazines and newspapers as they are a part of an informational war. I hate everything that people do/buy/watch just because they are use to consume a lot or have nothing better to do. I will share my opinions and views about everything, I will share everything that brings me joy, everything that is useful to know and experience.

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      • Why is there so many religion? Do you believe in any?

        Why is there so many religion? Do you believe in any?

        6 years ago

        Hello hubbers.Would like to hear some opinions! Why do you think there are so many religions, that say those who don't believe in their god are going to hell. So that means we'r all going to hell. If not, that means...

      • The most famous alive celebrity today?

        The most famous alive celebrity today?

        5 years ago

        Who do you think is the most famous alive celebrity today?

      • New planet?

        New planet?

        5 years ago

        Hello Hubworld philosophers,I always had these thoughts, thinking about different planets.  Have you heard of Kepler-22b? I recently wrote a hub about it.Do you believe in other life?

      • Guerrilla marketing

        Guerrilla marketing

        6 years ago

        Hello hubworld.I'm a new guy in hubworld, wrote my first two hubs. Currently working on another two.My first to in this business region is guerrilla advertising:<link snipped - no promotional links>At some point,...

      • How to feel happy!

        How to feel happy!

        6 years ago

        Hello Hubworld!Here's my first hub ever, it's about how to be happy. Read it, comment and spread the good word.MY hub on how to be happy, not boring

      • First hub on how to be happy

        First hub on how to be happy

        6 years ago

        Hey guys, im new to Hubpages. Joined yesterday and since then i wrote my first 2 hubs. One of them is how i achieve my happiness. Read it, see what you think, comment what makes you happy and not boring.MY hub on how to...