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Thankful to know that everything is more about where I am going than about where I am from, I embrace life with perspective...

Some things I think:

• Chocolate should always be capitalized (but that does not mean editors will accept it).

• We live in an amazing time in history.

• Everyone should be patriotic no matter where they live because loyalty is good for families, communities, and nations, and that's good for the world, but standing with governments that oppress the weakest among their citizens makes that impossible in some places.

• We should be good stewards of our bodies and our lands.

• No matter what diet or eating choices we make, 1 ounce of quality dark Chocolate daily is a "free" food (2 ounces if it's a really stressful day).

• The ability to write is a wonderful gift to humanity, and languages/accents are fun stuff.

• Real gardening is the best exercise there is.

• Robertatalloni enjoys writing.

• The quote about evil triumphing because good men do nothing can't be right. Good men would do something. The best of men would seek Wisdom's way to do that something.

•The opportunity to write about a wide range of topics at HubPages is something to appreciate.

• Every day should begin and end with Chocolate.

Something I know:

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Heb. 11:1

The question isn't, "What would Jesus do?" It should be, "Jesus, what would You have me do?" It's about a relationship, not a to-do list. John 10:10

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