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I am a mother and grandmother recently retired from a life on the farm breeding horses and dogs and finding it difficult to adjust to life in suburbia..The plus side is that I am nearer to the children and grandchildren and , unfortunately, the fish and chip shop!

I am looking forward to exploring new ideas and hobbies and pursuing a life long ambition of writing and hopefully interacting with other like minded people.

Two years since retirement and I am now alot happier, making new friends and enjoying new experiences. Thanks to all the Hubbers who have encouraged me to keep on writing - you have helped me to adjust more than you know. Thank you.

Now I am starting a completely new phase in my life after being widowed for the second time and being diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing chemotherapy and mastectomy and presently receiving radiotherapy. Life is till good and I certainly am not dead yet and hope my articles will bring hope and positivity to those in a similar dark place.

Fifteen months later and I have finally finished my cancer treatment with the last Herceptin last month (July2015) and so I am starting over yet again and there are plenty of new ventures in the pipeline! I am just thankful to be alive and now determined to live everyday!

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    The Many Uses of an Apron

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    Any woman over the age of fifty will no doubt remember the sewing or needlework classes at school where the first project, after proving you knew how to do running and hemstitching, would be to make an apron for the...