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My name is Saleel Nuruddin, I am 18 years old and I live in the US. I'm currently pursuing a degree in Literary Arts. I love to write short stories, articles, essays, just about anything, and i have recenltly found a joy in blogging.

I've been writing since I was 8 years old and my love for it has never never left me. I also like to spend my time reading, drawing, listening to music, making music, practicing card magic/sleight of hand, and of course writing. Im not a closed minded person and I try to inspire others to broaden their horizons in all aspects of life (art, music, writing, craftmanship, etc). To enjoy anything you must accept all forms of it, and learn to appreciate the level of difficulty associated with it.

"Call it food for thought, no need to thank the cook, I go so far over the head still I get overlooked" - Don Trip

Put very simply I am somewhat of a philosopher, if you're looking to be "enlightened" on several subjects, if you're searching out thought provoking theories, or if you're simply just looking for genuine material then you should follow me and the hubs I post.

I've just gotten started here so its a work in progress but im going to give it my all, so keep you're eyes, ears, and minds open for what I've got to share.

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    • Should "Puppy Love" Be Taken Seriously?

      Should "Puppy Love" Be Taken Seriously?

      5 years ago

      In many romantic relationships between young people (teenagers: 14 and up) the word "love" is used quite often. Of course a lot of times with these youngsters the true essence and concept of the word love is...

    • Where is the line between cocky and confident drawn?

      Where is the line between cocky and confident drawn?

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      Many people view being confident as an admirable quality. But many people also view over-confidence as a negative quality. So my question is: What's the difference? What is the definitive difference between confidence...

    • Love At First Sight?

      Love At First Sight?

      5 years ago

      Is there really such a thing as "love at first sight"? (Not just attraction, not just a connection, not lust).. I mean TRUE LOVE at FIRST sight... Anyone like me; who is in love (or has ever even been in...