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My psuedonymn is really Sam Antone, and my given name is Samuel Richardson.

I started writing at the age of nine by making comic-book-type stories: I drew several panels on an 8-1/2x11 inch page, then established the main character as myself: a kid named "Sammy."

I served in Vietnam and visited Mexico, Japan and Chile. I've traveled around as a caricature artist. Sometimes, I didn't know where my next meal was coming from. When that happened, I entered a bar and asked if I could draw caricatures. From that, I got my next meal and enough money to travel to the next town. I feel somewhat akin to Louis L'Amour when I remember my adventures of traveling alone and with uncertainty. I hope to some day feel akin to him in story-telling ability.

In addition to drawing comics, I spent a lot of time writing in a journal, and penning short stories. Thus, I honed a bit of talent for art, as well as familiarity with writing. All of the painted art for my hubs, with the exception of two of them, was made by yours truly. One exception was the painting of Joseph Smith talking to an African-American girl in my article entitled "Overcoming Loneliness and Despair," and the other is the girl praying in the article "Why Christians Pray."

Nowadays, when I'm not hubbing, I'm a publisher. I have contact with printers throughout the world, so that anybody anywhere can use my services.

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      • Why can't I see suggested links, now?

        Why can't I see suggested links, now?

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      • Do general internet regulations exist?

        Do general internet regulations exist?

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        Affiliates page shows "Configure"

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        I lost my links to different hubpage areas

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      • Removing a Link

        Removing a Link

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