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Hello, everyone! :) My name is Aaron, and I am an electrical engineer and U.S. Army veteran from West Virginia, USA.

As a day job, I keep an industrial plant up and running. As a hobby, I design / build electronic + robotic gadgets. ...When I was a teenager in the 1990's, I was interested in robots; however, the internet was not quite the research tool it is today, libraries didn't carry good books on the subject, and I didn't know anyone knowledgeable about robots. After several college classes, many years of midnight tinkering, and scores of mind-numbingly boring books, I am finally very good at electronic circuit design. I suffered many miserable failures before enjoying any fantastic successes! If you're a novice with electronics but want to learn more, then follow me! Send me suggestions for topics in which you are interested!

I am here on HubPages because of a wonderful lady I met at a street fair last week. I am glad that I met you, NiaG! :)

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