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Hello, my name is Samuel, and I am an avid writer and game designer from around the area of Stanwood, Washington. Now, since I'm a person who values teaching others how to do things right, I figured I would write some articles on the subject of game design, and even talk about some digital games that have been released as a means to review them.

Note that, when I say "digital", I am using a catchall phrase for Video and Computer Games. I just don't want to confuse my potential readerbase on things like that.

In any case, I hope to share my knowledge on the subject of games with you all, and I hope you decide to read and learn (or whatever the case may be). If you wish to learn, please, learn from me what I have learned over the years I've been alive. I do hope you read from the beginning to make sure you aren't hopelessly lost on the road to completion.

By the way, if you're curious, my username on the rest of the net is either Xamusel or Zamu Uraki... unless you're talking my email or something.

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