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Hi my name is Sam!

Whomever invented chocolate cake really wanted to make me happy! :)

If you have any requests for fanfictions, stories, etc. please leave a comment on my recent article and I will do my best to get around to it.

I hope you enjoy! :)

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  • I WIll Be Back (Part 2)

    I WIll Be Back (Part 2)

    7 months ago

    Lucy has become the elemtal dragon, and is competing in the Grand Magic Games. Will a romance form between Sing and Lucy? Or how about Rogue and Lucy? Find out in the next chapter of I Will Be Back.

  • I Will Be Back (Part One)

    I Will Be Back (Part One)

    7 months ago

    Lucy gets kicked out of team Nastsu. What hapens when she finds out she is the elemental dragon, the next heir to the dragon realm throne.

  • A Light Within (Part 2)

    A Light Within (Part 2)

    7 months ago

    Lucy Heartfilia has just left Fairy Tail, and joined Sabertooth. She and Sabertooth guid master, Sting Euciffe are gone for two and a half years to train. What will happen between the two?

  • A Light Within (Part One)

    A Light Within (Part One)

    7 months ago

    Lucy Heartfilia is looking to join the mighty Fairy Tail guid. What happens when she runs into a certain fire dragon slayer? What if he starts to develop feelings for her?