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    Until Dawn: Josh's Mental Health

    6 years ago

    Until Dawn has become one of my favorite games not just because of Josh but he is a major part of it. The Game Theorist made a video about the mental state of Josh from Until Dawn. He concluded that Josh had schizophrenia. I disagree. He has bipolar...

  • Adventurer's Bread

    Adventurer's Bread

    6 years ago

    flour,water,milk,salt,honey,yeast,butterIn a large bowl, mix the flour, yeast, and salt well,Add the water, milk, and honey. Stir until a dough resembling soft playdough forms,Knead for 3 minutes. Allow dough to rise for at least an hour.,Preheat...

  • How to Paint a Cosplay Sword

    How to Paint a Cosplay Sword

    6 years ago

    Wooden sword (this is a Chinese sword) Spray paints for the blade, hilt, handle, and base. Painter's tape Newspaper 2-4 heavy things You can find spray paint in any color/texture. I went with a "hammered" look to replicate the metal parts of...

  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Putting the Pieces Together

    Five Nights at Freddy's: Putting the Pieces Together

    6 years ago

    Five Nights at Freddy's took the PC gaming world by storm. Starting as a simple game good for some scares, laughs, and all around fun with friends or alone, it has ballooned into a cultural phenomenon. There are a total of four games, a spin-off,...

  • 2

    Restaurant Style Spinach and Artichoke Dip

    6 years ago

    My search for the perfect replica is over.

  • Why We Ditched Cable

    Why We Ditched Cable

    6 years ago

    I grew up with cable and I could not imagine life without it. Like the internet, it was created and evolved throughout my childhood. My grandmother had it. That was when I discovered Nickelodeon and the awesomeness it used to be (oh the memories)....

  • Trans-Acceptance


    6 years ago

    Many transgendered people have ended their lives like Leelah Alcorn did a year ago. In the note she left on Twitter, she talks about how her parents did not allow her to display female behavior such as wearing dresses or identifying as female. At...

  • The Way to Handle Getting Stopped by Cops

    The Way to Handle Getting Stopped by Cops

    6 years ago

    Pull Over- Find an area that is safe for you and the officer and slowly pull into it. This could be on the side of the road or into a parking lot. Don't try to outrun the cops. They have been trained to stop runners by professional drivers and the...

  • Practicing Pool Safety

    Practicing Pool Safety

    6 years ago

    Hanging out at a public pool is a great way to cool off and relax during the summer. Still, people do drown when they are not careful. By keeping a few things in mind, you can safely enjoy hours of fun splashing around. Wear Sunscreen. Not only are...

  • Safety Tips for Kids on Public Transportation

    Safety Tips for Kids on Public Transportation

    6 years ago

    Riding the bus is something all kids who live in the city have to do at some point. You may know about the bus rules posted above the driver, but there are also unwritten rules. These rules keep younger passengers safe from harm. Only Speak to the...

  • The Scary Side of the Friendzone

    The Scary Side of the Friendzone

    6 years ago

    I used to defend the friendzone, thinking if a girl is going to constantly complain about her current scumbag boyfriend to a guy, she might as well give him a shot. I was not thinking about them immediately hooking up because that is not what dating...

  • Junk Food is Addictive

    Junk Food is Addictive

    6 years ago

    It happens to the best of us. We are at the office, gym, or on campus for a class and our stomach grumbles in protest. We did not bring any food with us, so we have to buy something to satisfy our hunger. A vending machine is just a few steps away...

  • Just Joshin' Ya

    Just Joshin' Ya

    6 years ago

    WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for the PS4 game Until Dawn. Also, I know this is a fictional story with fictional characters. It is a great story with decently rounded characters. I just have social commentary about it. Ahem... I have...

  • Attack on Titan: Part 2

    Attack on Titan: Part 2

    6 years ago

    Once again we headed into Towson on a Thursday night to watch a movie. This time, it was Part 2 of Attack on Titan. We were not expecting much in terms of quality and many young anime fans talking throughout the entire movie. During the previews, I...

  • The Drifting Classroom

    The Drifting Classroom

    6 years ago

    A few months ago, I was taking a break from the Jefferson Bass novels I have been reading for the past year. I wanted to curl up with some manga to break up the long journey of a book. Being October, I thought a Halloween themed manga would be best...

  • How to Make a Cat Shelter

    How to Make a Cat Shelter

    6 years ago

    The temperatures outside get below freezing during the night here in Baltimore. My old cat shelter broke up into tiny pieces in my hands, so it was time to build a new one! This time, with real Rubbermaid tubs! If you have never made a cat shelter,...

  • Attack on Titan: Part 1

    Attack on Titan: Part 1

    6 years ago

    Part 1 of Attack on Titan premiered in October. We finished the series on the night before we went to the theater. The anime was great, the movie was terrible.

  • Top Five Animal Videos to Get You Out of a Funk

    Top Five Animal Videos to Get You Out of a Funk

    7 years ago

    Dealing with depression is hard but I love animals so it is a no-brainer for me to watch animal videos to help me feel better. I have several on my favorites list on YouTube. Here are the most favorites in my favorites. All of them have to do with...

  • I Thought He Was Faking It

    I Thought He Was Faking It

    7 years ago

    I volunteer at a rescue situated inside a pet care store. After my friend Justin committed suicide, I wore his hat around until I got his memorial tattoo on my arm. Some people complimented me on it and I told them about what the hat meant to me. It...

  • The New Daily Show

    The New Daily Show

    7 years ago

    I am coming a bit late into the ballgame with getting back into the Daily Show now that Trevor Noah hosts it. I knew that I would miss Jon Stewart. He defined the Daily Show for over ten years from his old Jewish voice to his ocassional use of...

  • The Scary Reality of Politics

    The Scary Reality of Politics

    7 years ago

    I know nothing about politiics. I am a writer who failed to be a teacher. Through my work I developed a passion for urban sociology and criminal justice. I am an animal and mental health advocate and a Buddhist. I want to change the world around me...

  • Standing with My Brothers and Sisters of Islam

    Standing with My Brothers and Sisters of Islam

    7 years ago

    Nearly 15 years ago, the United States had the worst terrorist attack it had ever seen. Two planes hit the largest buildings of the World Trade center, killing over 3,000 people and devastating the billions watching on their television screens...

  • Coupon Shopping on the East Coast (in miniature)

    Coupon Shopping on the East Coast (in miniature)

    7 years ago

    While shopping at Target, I freaked out a cashier by saving $34 on an $87 purchase of dog food and candles. The candles were not on sale nor did I have a coupon so it was more like saving all that on a $57 purchase, bringing my total down to less...


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