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What can i say about myself? Well, i am a female who loves to eat chocolates. My love of chocolates prompted me to want to make t-shirts with"chocolate motifs," so to speak. The t-shirt website is still in the works,though.I was then inspired to publish a blog related to chocolates and life in general. At Saucykonfections.blogspot.com, I write about celebrities, chocolates, love , relationships and so much more. I am very frank, sometimes a little too honest for my own good. I love to laugh and i try to get the most out of life as i possibly can. Well, that's about all i can tell your for now. You'll probably learn more about me by reading the articles that i publish on this website. websites: www.saucykonfections.com www.myspace.com/saucykonfections www.saucykonfections.blogspot.com

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