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Welcome to my page!!

If you are wondering, as to what can you find here then let me help you out. I write about Automobiles, Positive Thinking and Business related articles. There is no rocket science behind any of these, yet, I try to simplify it further.

Most of my articles try to answer the “How?” So, if you read about cars, then it would be “How fast can they go?” On the contrary, if you wish to read about Positive Thinking, then it would be “How can you get into that frame of mind?” All in all, my attempt is to give you a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at things and therefore, hope it helps you.

I am a resident of Mumbai, India and I like driving, riding, listening to music, reading, writing and staying fit. I have participated in Marathons and have done 42 kilometers, on three occasions. I do hope to do a marathon of writing, here, on Hubpages.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the articles!!

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      • Given up on Hubpages?

        Given up on Hubpages?

        4 years ago

        I see that the general forum topics revolve around Hubs being copied, Hubpages not doing well, views going down, no future for hubpages, etc. etc. So the general unhappiness continues.. I had taken a break for about a...

      • One More Stolen Hub Saga

        One More Stolen Hub Saga

        4 years ago

        I was just checking one my hubs on 'Fastest Cars and Bikes: a combined list', on Google to see how it ranks and I find an article with the same topic and content. My Content!! This copied article ranks on the first page...

      • Why is my direct traffic showing a rise?

        Why is my direct traffic showing a rise?

        4 years ago

        I am a bit curious that my Direct Traffic is showing a rise. Today Google Analytics showed that my traffic for yesterday alone was:Direct: 33%Search: 39%Referral: 28%This is more or less is the trend for the past one or...

      • Can we place RSS Feed Grades on our subdomains?

        Can we place RSS Feed Grades on our subdomains?

        4 years ago

        My subdomain graded by a RSS feed site - Feedage.com, shows a great grade. So, the question is can we place the grade on our subdomain, which I would have normally been able to do, if I had my own site? What is the take...

      • RESOLVED: Issue with poll capsule

        RESOLVED: Issue with poll capsule

        4 years ago

        One of my hubs on trains has a poll capsule in the end which interestingly shows the result directly on opening the hub and does not have the vote button. This problem is not seen in any of my other hubs. Any...

      • Getting Traffic from Direct and Searcb mode

        Getting Traffic from Direct and Searcb mode

        4 years ago

        Hi,I recently found out that 52% (through Google Analytics) of the traffic to my site comes from search and direct and only 48% from referral. I have no clue how I achieved this, but I do understand that this is the...

      • Tables in Hubs

        Tables in Hubs

        4 years ago

        Hi,I have used a table for one of my hubs on Supplier Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire and I find that I am unable to re-size the columns. Is there a way of changing the size of columns, like in the case of our excel...

      • Google Panda effect!

        Google Panda effect!

        4 years ago

        I observed something interesting and I thought I should share it with all. When I search my name “Savio Dawson” on Google, I find my HubPages profile ranks first on the first page. This is above the LinkedIn profile...