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Scott C Gruber is many things: a web producer by trade, as well as a huge science and technology nerd, an aspiring speculative fiction writer, a husband and father, and a proud skeptic.

Among his topics of interest are envronmental science, evolution, astronomy and space exploration, linguistics, and technology. Appalled by the volume of magical thinking, conspiracy theorism, and overall poor logic in much online writing, Scott prefers to tackle his subject matter with a skeptical eye and a fact-based approach.

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    • How do you stop boniato from turning brown?

      How do you stop boniato from turning brown?

      4 years ago

      Much as I enjoy cooking with the Cuban sweet potato, it starts turning an ugly greenish-brown the instant I cut into it. Wondering if anyone has any tricks for preserving the vegetable's white color?

    • What is the best evidence for Nibiru?

      What is the best evidence for Nibiru?

      3 years ago

      The Internet is full of claimed evidence of the alleged ninth planet/brown dwarf/companion star Nibiru. Which do you find most compelling?

    • Could T.rex roar?

      Could T.rex roar?

      17 months ago

      It is a common Hollywood trope to depict tyrannosaurs and other dinosaur predators as snarling, roaring beasts. However, we don't really see modern reptiles roaring - they hiss or grunt. And since dinosaurs were most...