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Seedlings Publishing Group is a grassroots publishing house that specializes in fiction, nutrition publications, screenplays, nonfiction, fantasy, and textbooks. We welcome new authors without much back experience because here at Seedlings we feel that authors do not require years of experience. Editing is the cornerstone of our company. Combined, we have over 50 years of editing experience including a degrees in Nutrition, Comparative Literature, English, and Biochemistry. Our editors are professional, flexible, and willing to help authors see their book/paper/thesis/dissertation to the end (whether that is publication or not).

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  • The Healthiest Pregnancy Diet

    The Healthiest Pregnancy Diet

    5 years ago

    Pregnancy is difficult...for most women. Add together morning sickness, aches, weight gain, and exhaustion, and you begin to feel not so glowing. Not to mention, the need to eat the best that you have ever eaten in your...

  • Meal Plans for Toddlers

    Meal Plans for Toddlers

    5 years ago

    Toddlers are tricky when it comes to nutrition. There are so many avenues for them to follow, but it is your job to help them choose the path that best suits them and insure proper growth. This lens is dedicated to...

  • Modern Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

    Modern Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts

    3 years ago

    As my pixie cut grows out , I cannot tell you how excited I am to get my hair shaped into the sultriest modern bob that this side of New York City has seen. Bobs are making there way back into the tresses of many. They...

  • 365 Creative Writing Prompts

    365 Creative Writing Prompts

    3 years ago

    Creative writing is an art. It is a passion that I love to share with the world. I am not ignorant to the millions of creative writers out there, thus I want to provide 365 creative prompts to writers out there that...

  • Hair Trends 2012: Brunette Hair Color

    Hair Trends 2012: Brunette Hair Color

    4 months ago

    Brunette is hot. Actually, it is more than hot. It is fun, smart, and elegant. 2012 is all about bold, bright, and rich colors. Brunettes can take it to the next level with hints of cinnamon and cocoa. Here you will...

  • Pad Thai

    Pad Thai

    4 months ago

    Pad Thai It's delicious. Best straight from my wok! Pad Thai is one of the most popular Thai dishes in America. Perhaps, it is the peanuty crunch or the tamarind tang. I'm not sure. It is good though. Photo...