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  • A Soliloquy

    A Soliloquy

    4 weeks ago

    A self-talk, a moment of reflection on the time`s mood, and every other impression emanating from the grief-stricken society of Kashmir.

  • The Guardian - 2

    The Guardian - 2

    4 weeks ago

    A poem on teacher-student relationship.

  • The Guardian - 1

    The Guardian - 1

    4 weeks ago

    A poem addressed to a teacher, and reflecting on various aspects of teaching process.

  • The Despair

    The Despair

    4 weeks ago

    A melancholic poem, reflecting the loss of hope and vigor in modern time society.

  • You Are Gone Now

    You Are Gone Now

    5 weeks ago

    This poem is a painful recollection of carnage against innocent children, children who have become the silent victims of oppression, terrorism and political hegemony.

  • Through Hell Once I Passed

    Through Hell Once I Passed

    4 weeks ago

    A poem exploring head-to-head collision at borders between two countries. In fact, it is a painful recollection of images emanating from war-hit countries where nothing but humanity dies.

  • Blood Stain

    Blood Stain

    4 weeks ago

    This poem is addressed to a blood stain, and the poet asks it various questions which reveal the brutality, inhumanity and absurdity of war.

  • A Pristine Life

    A Pristine Life

    7 weeks ago

    A conflict of ideas between pristine life and the life of reality, and how it impacts our life and judgments and priorities and beliefs. This poem represents this dichotomy.

  • To My Kashmir

    To My Kashmir

    7 weeks ago

    To My Kashmir is about the Valley of Kashmir, famously known as 'Paradise on Earth' but now a mess! This poem gives voice to its longing for those old happy days.

  • A Beautiful Crime

    A Beautiful Crime

    7 weeks ago

    A sort poem that I wrote while I was on the bank of river Pohru ( flowing in Kashmir ) is now what is titled 'A Beautiful Crime.' It is about molesting the chastity of purity of beautiful river Pohru.

  • A Fire In The Fever

    A Fire In The Fever

    7 weeks ago

    A Fire in the Fever is a poem symbolizing the inner turmoil on being caught in two extremes of wild fever and wild fire.