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  • About the Series

    About the Series "Oz"

    6 months ago

    This is my tribute to the HBO series Oz. It ran for 6 seasons in the 90's. I found it quite by accident one day. I was looking for something to watch on TV and the title intrigued me, so I checked it out. It's about an...

  • Do Animals Have Souls?

    Do Animals Have Souls?

    6 months ago

    Do Animals Have Souls? I don't subscribe to any actual religion, but something that happened to my son recently, got me thinking... Do animals have souls? If they were, in fact, created by some "higher power," would...

  • Welcome To Moundsview, MN

    Welcome To Moundsview, MN

    6 months ago

    Let me tell you about the little suburb of St. Paul that I live in. The name of the town is Moundsview, MN. It's fairly small. It has a population of just over 12,000 at the last census. It's so small, that we don't...

  • About The Minnesota Zoo

    About The Minnesota Zoo

    6 months ago

    This is Minnesota's latest zoo. It's been open about 15 years or so, but it's still sometimes called "The New Zoo." It's a very large zoo located in Apple Valley. They have different exhibits that come in at different...

  • Collecting Wolves

    Collecting Wolves

    6 months ago

    I started collecting unicorns when I was a teenager, and after that, it seemed like a simple thing to start collecting wolves as well. I didn't actually start collecting wolves until I was an adult. I started with a...

  • Collecting Unicorns

    Collecting Unicorns

    6 months ago

    I started collecting unicorns when I was a teenager. Knowing that they aren't a real creature just adds to my love of them. My friends and relatives all know that if they're stuck for a present to buy me, they just have...

  • Shari's Lenses About Shari

    Shari's Lenses About Shari

    6 months ago

    I've decided that since I have over 200 lenses now, and because of my involvement in Rocketmoms, it was about time to turn this one big lensography into several smaller ones. This one is now just my lenses about me. I...

  • Hi, I'm Carmen

    Hi, I'm Carmen

    6 months ago

    I'm making this page about my pet Pit Bull, Carmen, because she's a breed that a lot of people are afraid of. I want to maybe get rid of some of the myths about her breed. Carmen just turned 4 years old this year. She...