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Shawn McIntyre is an Economist, Author, and Business Owner from Orlando, Florida. Having been born and raised in the Sunshine State, Shawn attended the University of Florida where he earned degrees in both Marketing and Economics.

In his professional life, Shawn has made a career of helping companies from all over the world move, and expand, into the Central Florida market. Shawn is a frequent guest speaker, and works with organizations that seek to promote and assist young entrepreneurs.

In his personal life, Shawn is a husband, and the father of five wonderful children. He is an avid Surfer, enjoys Golf (despite being terrible at the game), and, since stepping away from the day to day operations of his company, has spent much of the last year traveling.

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    • The Minimum Wage

      The Minimum Wage

      4 years ago

      Always a hot button issue, let's see what HubPages has to say:Should the Minimum Wage be:A) Raised. B) LoweredC) Done away with immediately D) Phased out over the next 10 years.E) None of the above.

    • Should Teacher Pay Be Tied To Student Performance?

      Should Teacher Pay Be Tied To Student Performance?

      4 years ago

      Teachers often complain about low pay; the claim to be overworked and under-compensated. The say that they deserve to be paid more, since they are responsible for teaching the next generation. Yet, when the subject of...

    • The CRA and Subprime Lending

      The CRA and Subprime Lending

      4 years ago

      The following question was asked on one of my articles (Economics For Beginners: The Subprime Mortgage Crisis). It's a great question, and one deserving of an answer, but an article designed for beginners simply wasn't...

    • Thank You To Everyone Who Voted For Me.

      Thank You To Everyone Who Voted For Me.

      4 years ago

      As a brand new Hubber, still in my "boot camp" phase, I was incredibly honored (and more than a little shocked) when one of my hubs was nominated for a rising star award. You can imagine my utter disbelief...

    • Beginner's Challenge: July

      Beginner's Challenge: July

      4 years ago

      As a brand new member of the HubPages community, I've been a little nervous about posting my first Hub. So, since it's always easier to try (most) new things in with a group, I figured I'd create my very own challenge...