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Hi there! I'm Shawnte Dutschke and I love to read. I read books, magazines, technical pamphlets: if you put something in front of me with words on it I'll devour every single letter like a cupcake. I read anywhere from 1-3 books a week, so I decided that If I'm going to read so much I should share my expertise and opinions about those books with others. I'll try to post two or three reviews a week, and in between I'll put up other related posts.

A little more about myself: I'm 22, just finished college, and would very much love to be a writer some time in the near future. I studied Psychology and Creative Writing at Stanford University, my favorite color is green, and I could eat pizza for a week straight and not get sick of it. Proud cat-person (thought not a crazy cat lady), Superwholockian (that's someone who's a fan of the TV shows "Supernatural," "Doctor Who," and the BBC "Sherlock"), and honorary Avenger. I love all books, but I could read anything from Tokein a hundred times and still smile like a school girl. Thanks for taking the time to visit my page!

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