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I was born in Ireland but I've led a nomadic life, first as a trailing offspring and then as a trailing spouse. I've been lucky enough to live in some interesting places, most recently in France where I still have a holiday home.

Ex-IT (from punched cards to PCs in one lifetime!!), I'm now enjoying retirement by the sea. What a cliché!

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      • Scraper site

        Scraper site

        6 weeks ago

        A warning : I've just found one of my articles, and no doubt more, on a Russian site: https: // mcenter . spb . ru/It looks like all of HubPages has been copied. I'm in the process of reporting to Google because I've a...

      • Broken link

        Broken link

        14 months ago

        I have a broken link warning on one of my hubs. It is highlighted within the hub but, as far as I can see, it isn't broken. I have re-inserted it and re-published several times but it's still showing as broken. Any...

      • Radikewl is now motourmc dot com

        Radikewl is now motourmc dot com

        19 months ago

        All the articles from HubPages that were translated into Spanish on Radikewl dot com are now on motourmc dot com. In fact the original site redirects to motourmc dot com.Rinse and repeat.

      • CPM rising?

        CPM rising?

        20 months ago

        I've noticed that since 1 April, the CPM rate has almost doubled.  Has everyone noticed the same thing?

      • Earnings Reports bug

        Earnings Reports bug

        22 months ago

        When I try to look at My Earnings, choosing the report type always reverts back to All Programs, no matter what I choose.I'm using Chrome and Windows 10.

      • RESOLVED: Frozen Feed

        RESOLVED: Frozen Feed

        2 years ago

        My feed hasn't updated for over 5 hours even though I can see there have been updates in various threads.  Every so often it tells me there are at least 2 new stories, but clicking to load reveals nothing.