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I started a business twenty seven year ago as a self employed fashion designer and retailer. I had no idea what I was doing but through the reliable " School of Hard Knocks" I figured it all out. At first I did everything myself, but as the business grew I hired staff. The business has been very successful and as of the end of January 2013 I closed it and will now spend the next years following my life long dream of being a writer and photographer. I know, I know, I couldn't pick a tougher or more competitive job to do...hmmmm.....unless it is being a fashion designer and I rocked that! So here goes life long dream! And to all my fellow Hubbers, all suggestions and help for this Newbie is most appreciated!

Would you like to write for hubpages? Anyone can do it and you can make money!


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    • First Payout!!!

      First Payout!!!

      3 years ago

      Hurray!!! Finally reached first payout! I only have 13 or so hubs and it took almost a year, but still...I am encouraged to start writing again!

    • Is this allowed?

      Is this allowed?

      3 years ago

      I wrote a hub about plus sized shopping online and have gotten a email from a online retailer asking if I would be interested in reviewing them and adding them to the list and become an affiliate with them to earn 8...

    • Yahoo! I just reached the 10,000 views mark!

      Yahoo! I just reached the 10,000 views mark!

      3 years ago

      I quit publishing a while back after only 12 hubs...but have to admit I am encouraged to keep on going now. And finally starting to see a bit of money coming in too.....( a bit....lol). I was so excited when I started...

    • Traffic sources

      Traffic sources

      4 years ago

      I am still sort of new here and have a question about traffic sources. When I go to my traffic sources I can see hubpage views, google views, etc, but some hubbers actually show up with their hub page ulr. And some are...

    • Traffic or write...or patience?

      Traffic or write...or patience?

      4 years ago

      So, a few months into this hub thing, I am looking for advice from more seasoned hubbers. I spend a great deal of time researching and writing and re-writing my hubs…I have a lot to learn and am a bit of a...

    • Success Stories

      Success Stories

      4 years ago

      Being a fairly new hubber and just getting adsense approval and looking forward to earning I re-visited the success story page and noticed that it is very outdated. All of the "stories" show as of October...

    • Hubber Staff

      Hubber Staff

      4 years ago

      I was so excited and honored today to wake up to an email to say one of my hubs was Hub Of The Day. I wanted to thank the Hub staff but the email said no reply, so I am trying to thank them here. I am fairly new to...

    • Hub Hopping Help For A New Member

      Hub Hopping Help For A New Member

      4 years ago

      I am a little confused about Hub Hopping. Does the person who you are rating know who you are? I kind of hate to leave bad feedback, but the english on some is almost impossible to read. Does Hub Hopping help with my...